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offensive information security. 100% red team on demand. smart contract pentest

We are a decentralized organization dedicated to provide information security services. Our main services are network, web, mobile, and blockchain oriented.

Payment methods: we only accept safe, well known, and secure crytocurrencies. In special cases, we can accept bank wires, or even credit cards. Our minimum price is $25,000 usd & you’ll obtain a security report.

Our team operates with open-source, commercial software and specialized hardware to achieve our customer’s needs. We are well connected and versed in the tor network also known as deep web. we operate with decentralized.

Business surveillance: this plan is oriented to companies that need a monthly information security service, dedicated to permanent infrastructure surveillance. we are able to analyze deeper & create diverse attack vectors.

We scan solidity smart contracts: there is no tool in the market that can beat a professional smart contract auditor. if you need to know how secure your solidity smart contract is, this is for you.

Secure your assets. we provide specialized services, intel and resources to unvail infrastructural and sistematical vulnerabilities. we have technology to disconnect or disrupt services, or obtain access to sensible & valuable information.

A unique scan: particulary usefull when the assets are static or stable and the development process has been finished. risk vulnerabilities, with a critical cwss score will be directly communicated to a representat of your team.

decentralized autonomous organization

We are a 100% online organization, a dao. Operating 24/7, with professionals from America, Europe, Mea, Asia and Oceania. For that same reason, we can provide you with world-class professionals.

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