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our security reports are 100% online, we can work in PDF as well if you prefer

- Secure, paperless, encrypted online reports.
- Adecuate access control mechanisms.
- Decentralized, faster analysis and vulnerability detection.

the value of the information

We know that reporting is crucial to your organization in order to locate and fix identified vulnerabilities. In the section you can see general information about how the reports are generated by codefen and how they can help you secure your information.

scope, attack surface, framework

This is a simple list of all assets which are under survilliance or have been included in the scope of the proyect. For example, It could contain 20 websites, a network of 10 devices or infrastrute, and web applications.

Resources and Scope screenshot

detected vulnerabilities

All detected vulnerabilities are linked to the assest where it’s located. The vulnerability report usually includes: a quick reference name, assosiated risk, a clear explanation of the issue, reproduction details, pictures to evidence the issue, and a recommendation to secure the component.

Detected issues screenshot

four weeks assessments from start to end

All our computer security services are carried out in a minimum period of 4 weeks and, in general, only 4 weeks. Depending on the conditions. The first few days are spent carrying out the various security tests, and then creates a report with the collected information.

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