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- Codefen specialty is the full surveillance contracts for multiple assets.
- However we also offer unique, one time scans & audits for most of our services.
- Please use the contact forms if you have any questions.

smart contract scanner

solidity vulnerabilities testing

Reveal and discover security issues in smart contracts has never been so easy before! Simply complete the form, with the URL of the smart contract you want to audit, select between 3 different price options, and proceed to the bitcoin checkout. As most of the smart contracts are open source code we don't even need any kind of authorization in order to perform the source code review.

web application pentest

offensive security web application penetration testing

Codefen develop custom made tools as well, experience in complex crawlers. This is the service you need if you want to discover all potential security issues and vulnerabilities in one o multiple web applications. risks: server access. database dumps, denial of service, continuity disruption.

network, devices & services pentest

this is a service to audit and reveal information from your extenal networks

This service does not include web application penetration testing, nor mobile application security test. We don’t audit internal or wireless networks. This service reveals risk and vulnerabilities in your extenarl network, servers and services. risk: server access, network access, ransomware attacks. business continuity disruption.

mobile application pentest

mobile application penetration test process execution

A mobile application penetration test, or call it mobile app security audit, reveals vulnerabilities and attack vectors in mobile applications. Frontend a backend, client and server are both carefully analyzed by professionals. risk: client to server attacks. client to client attacks. Businesss continuity disruption.

social engineering

Gather inteligence over a group of people

Different techniques are applied. This services allows your organization to obtain information from human behaviour. It’s a human behaviour analysis. Techniques will not be mentioned. risk: infiltration, ransomware, network access, bussiness continuity disruption.

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