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mobile application pentest

mobile application penetration test process execution

A mobile application penetration test, or call it mobile app security audit, reveals vulnerabilities and attack vectors in mobile applications. Frontend a backend, client and server are both carefully analyzed by professionals.

research for vulnerabilities

Professional hackers search for vulnerabilities thru your defined scope, the research is conducted as a permanent proces by more than.

vulnerability identification

After some proper research, a vulnerability is identified by a meritful hacker and is tested in order to understand its risks and implications.

notification and details are sent

Once all the information is collected, our content-rich vulnerability report is created, which may include media, attachments, proof of concepts and actionable data.

vulnerability validation

The vulnerability is confirmed by a peer verification process, carried out internally by codefen staff, zero percent false positives.

instant vulnerability communication

After being peer validated, the vulnerability is reported instantly to be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

vulnerability is fixed

Solve the vulnerability in a simple way, by means of the indications given. If you wish, you can request a review or help from the same section!

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